A family in the Warren area recently lost their home to a fire. They were not insured and they are in need of everything: Household items, furniture, clothes - Man's XL and 38x30 waist, Ladies size 16, Teen Girl's size '0' Contact Debbie Busse for drop-off location or more details. she is in the church directory.

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Bring a Friend

Wow!. Praise the Lord for a great day at MRCC. We had 197 people at church with over 60 visitors and 150 staying for dinner. Great music Pete! Our teen class was full and we had 18 kids for plug in. We followed it up with a dinner served by our teens for their parents on Sunday evening. 18 parents came out 15 teens served. Thanks Pat, Kay, Sheila, Matt and Vicky. We are averaging 16 teens at every youth activity since we started January 22 of this year. God is blessing. We have met every week and plan on meeting almost every week of the year and all through summer. A great day in the Lord and a good job by our people.

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Sunday School

We have a great Sunday School program and teachers and we invite you to come if you have never been. We offer three adult classes and a class for every age group. Stick around for fellowship afterword. Good food, nice people.

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Small Group Through the Bible in one year

Come join us for questions and answers about the previous weeks reading of scripture This sunday at 4:30 at the church

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Sunday School Did You Know?

Did you know over the last two years our Sunday School attendance has doubled. Our worship attendance in up 30%. The spirit and fellowship in the church is awesome and we look forward to seeing you each and every week.

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Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30 to 12:00. Join us here at the church. We would love to see you. We have a great group of people who come out to get a daily dose of God's word through inspirational and reflective stories. When you come once you will want to come every time!

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