Rekindling our fire
When we accept Christ as Savior, and confess that we are powerless over our sins, and need a Savior to deliver us from our own selves; at that moment a fire is installed within us. A fire that wants more of Him; a fire that is hungry for the Word of God; a fire that is willing to share our faith, and a fire that believes that the salvation we have just received is the most important thing of all. Do you still burn with a fire that drives you to know Him more?
We all need to be rekindled from time to time. To have that fire stoked in our hearts, to have the embers stirred, and a fresh breath from the Holy Spirit blown across our spirits in order to fan the flames of our original flame. It is easy to allow the issues of life to quench our fire….A pandemic that is keeping us apart…physical issues, financial issues etc. Paul is encouraging believers here not to put out that passionate fire of our faith. The world already tries to quench us; the enemy tries to quench us.
We should not put out our own fire. But we do. We do it by allowing the enemy to discourage us. Feed it with the Word, and with Christian Music, and worship, and the things of the Lord.
Let’s help and encourage each other to keep our fires burning. God Bless You

2020-04-19 16:27:52