Expect the unexpected
It was really good to see a few people out this morning. This is a summary of the morning message. Please have your Bible available so you can read the corresponding scripture. We will also have this posted on our website under "devotions" you can get their easily by going to www.ourpassionisyou.com. We will keep you posted on what is happening as the week progresses. God is good and He is still in control!

Sermon summary 3.15.20

Read James 4:13-17
Re-read verse 14
We make assumptions …basically guesses…when they say what is going to happen tomorrow
Life is full of unexpected things. That is the one thing that we can …expect.
We shouldn’t worry about tomorrow BECAUSE:
1. We can’t control tomorrow…it is not ours to control
a. Read Proverbs 27:1
b. But it is God’s to control read Psalm 68:19
2. Because we already have enough trouble for today Read Matthew 6:34
a. In one day: Joseph was falsely accused and unjustly sentenced for attempted rape…but he became the second most powerful man in Egypt.
b. In one day on 9/11 we saw thousands of lives lost and many more irreversibly changed…but let me assure you God was there and God is STILL here today.
3. Because today will never come back
a. We each have 86,400 seconds every day to serve God and live our lives in a pleasing manner. Let’s not waste it…but proceed with caution for our families and boldness for our Savior. Read Hebrews3:13 also read Philippians 1:21
We will keep you posted on our website, phone and FB on what is happening in the future.

God Bless!

2020-03-15 22:16:13