God's Provision
Exodus 16:11-31

11 The LORD said to Moses, 12 “I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them, ‘At twilight you will eat meat, and in the morning you will be filled with bread. Then you will know that I am the LORD your God.’”
13 That evening quail came and covered the camp, and in the morning there was a layer of dew around the camp. 14 When the dew was gone, thin flakes like frost on the ground appeared on the desert floor. 15 When the Israelites saw it, they said to each other, “What is it?” For they did not know what it was.
Moses said to them, “It is the bread the LORD has given you to eat. 16 This is what the LORD has commanded: ‘Everyone is to gather as much as they need. Take an omer for each person you have in your tent.’”
17 The Israelites did as they were told; some gathered much, some little. 18 And when they measured it by the omer, the one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little. Everyone had gathered just as much as they needed.
19 Then Moses said to them, “No one is to keep any of it until morning.”
20 However, some of them paid no attention to Moses; they kept part of it until morning, but it was full of maggots and began to smell. So Moses was angry with them.
21 Each morning everyone gathered as much as they needed, and when the sun grew hot, it melted away. 22 On the sixth day, they gathered twice as much—two omers for each person—and the leaders of the community came and reported this to Moses. 23 He said to them, “This is what the LORD commanded: ‘Tomorrow is to be a day of sabbath rest, a holy sabbath to the LORD. So bake what you want to bake and boil what you want to boil. Save whatever is left and keep it until morning.’”
24 So they saved it until morning, as Moses commanded, and it did not stink or get maggots in it. 25 “Eat it today,” Moses said, “because today is a sabbath to the LORD. You will not find any of it on the ground today. 26 Six days you are to gather it, but on the seventh day, the Sabbath, there will not be any.”
27 Nevertheless, some of the people went out on the seventh day to gather it, but they found none. 28 Then the LORD said to Moses, “How long will you refuse to keep my commands and my instructions? 29 Bear in mind that the LORD has given you the Sabbath; that is why on the sixth day he gives you bread for two days. Everyone is to stay where they are on the seventh day; no one is to go out.” 30 So the people rested on the seventh day.
31 The people of Israel called the bread manna. It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey.
“Where God leads He provides” is a phrase I first heard Raul Reese a great pastor in Los Angeles say. They were building a new building and he refused to finance one penny. They said but what happens if we don’t get the money? God doesn’t want us to build. They built it debt free.
This is why our giving is very telling. We can’t out give God and He is very clear as to how He wants us to give in the New Testament.
II Corinthians 9:6-7
6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 7 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
I do not believe God will ever let us down if we are faithful to Him in our lives and in our giving. Whether you tithe or give any other way that God leads you we can be confident that we can live better on what we have left after we give our offering.
It is when we do not give what God has lead us to give that screams “I do not trust God”
Sometimes He provides our needs in ways that meets them even though we may not understand them, like the manna in the wilderness.
But Philippians 4:19 says it best 19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
It is here that many people share a different definition of need, God gives us what we need not necessarily what we want.
We pray for a yacht to get across the river, God may send a canoe. But sometimes when it fits in His will He gives us exactly what we ask for. He loves to meet our needs.
God loves us and will not leave us hanging. This makes us want to give more or at the very least accept His providence with grateful appreciation.
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